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  • Road Trip!
    An epic journey to the VMC National Meet in Grayling, Michigan.
    And back, most likely.
  • Let's Ride.
    PDVR is made up of members from Colorado Springs to North Denver
    who enjoy the pride of Victory ownership and enjoy riding with other
    two-wheeled enthusiasts. And we like pie.
  • V2V Relay 2018
    Coast to Coast Epicness!
    Join us for a relay leg (or two)
    from Craig to Castle Rock!

About the PDVR

The Palmer Divide Victory Riders (PDVR) is 1 of over 90 local chapters of the VMC that share the purpose of getting Victory riders and enthusiasts in touch with each other for local rides, rallies, events, and all around comradery.
We like to ride
We have tons of rides planned this year, from short dinner trips to overnight adventures.
We like to have fun
Members frequently get together for barbeques and other events in addition to frequent rides.
We like pie
Nothing follows a spirited ride through the twisties like a slab of homemade goodness.

Recent Rides

These are some pictures taken by members during some of our recent rides, in no particular order. Click an image to view enlarged versions or as a slide show.
We have a ton of great rides lined up for 2017!

Come Ride With Us

Upcoming Events

Upcoming rides, meetings and tomfoolery